May is motherhood memoir month

Back thru our Mothers

Was it Virginia Woolf who first said, we think back through our mothers?

Is there an umbilical cord that runs through history?

How are you connected, or not, through this way of thinking?

Does it tie you down… or lend you a life line? Is it a kite on a long string, or a noose around your neck? You get to decide how you think of it, picture it, write about it. You can make it into anything you want, let it take you on a journey or flatten you out on the ground.

I didn’t want to be a mother. I fought it for a long time, even after I became one. And that mother-daughter relationship paid the price.

But then I got another chance, had another daughter. And then another. And now I wouldn’t trade my motherness for anything. And I’ve made peace with my mother, in the face of death.

What about you? Where are you in your journey?

Putting it on paper, or computer- something you can look at, confront, even manipulate, like words, helps us along our way.

Try it. Then if you get a line that sings, or shouts, or just whispers even, and you want to share it, I want to hear. Send it along. Or keep it to yourself. It’s yours now. You own your own truth. Good for you. Keep going.

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