May is motherhood memoir month

Happy May Day-Birth and Rebirth

Have you ever written about your birth? About what it might be like if you could access those earliest of memories, floating and then falling down into the birth canal, or being lifted into the light- however it was you came from that world within your birth mother into this world where the light is somewhat blinding by comparison?

You were amphibious, and then you took your first breath of air, and you’ve been breathing ever since. How long did you cry for- do you know?
Write about birth today, yours or someone else’s. Maybe you gave birth to someone and would like to revisit that scene in a journal, or use it in a story. Have you written it?

There are lots of birth stories and mothers are sometimes criticized for writing and sharing theirs. You don’t have to share your birth story with anyone you don’t want to. It can just be yours. Or you can share it with the world. It’s up to you.

Thirteen years ago today I gave birth to my third daughter, our sixth child. Her birthday is always my half birthday, and my birthday, Nov. 1, is always her half birthday. We keep track of our ages this way. We are 6 months and 47 years apart. Today I’m 60.5 exactly and I’m ecstatic to be celebrating with this exceptional child.
What are you excited about today? Or sad about? Or mad about?

Write something and see how the flow of words might help refill you and put your feet on solid ground. Or it might even be a new beginning, a rebirth…

Then send me a line. I’d love to hear from you.
Happy May Day

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