May is motherhood memoir month

Mother of the Bride, 2nd time Survivor

I promised May would be a mother-of-a month and it has been. On May 24, our middle daughter got married in Hood River, Oregon, about an hour southeast of us.

Lily Rose, the bride, is the fifth of our six children, the third one to marry, but the second daughter. Memories of hosting her sister’s wedding 22 years ago compelled us to urge Lily to take the money and run, but to no avail. After it was over she sent this:

“… I’m pretty sure I am the luckiest girl in the world and no wedding will ever top mine. I had the most magical time, and I’m so grateful for everything you did… I have never seen anyone decorate The Ruins (event site) so beautifully in all the photos I’ve seen of it… It was amazing… I love you so much. And you looked so beautiful. Everyone kept telling me they loved your dress. It was so perfect…”

Sometimes the perfect dress is like armor you put on to face a day filled with uncertainty… a small help when you want to hide as you walk through the inevitable surprises that might just slap your face, leaving you stunned. It might be ascribing too much importance to a dress, but the right dress might help you smile through the inevitable tears. Family is messy… But for now, we survived, and maybe even thrived in some of our best moments. I’ll try to write more about the learning downloads of this time over these last five days of May to make up for my missing missives. Stay tuned…

I’ll also write about the wrong dress (the one my daughter thought I should wear since ‘funky formal’ was the dress code)… but that’s another post.

we turn to see the bride

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