May is motherhood memoir month

Set an Extravagant Goal

Sunday is a day I rest, relax, rejoice. Then plan my week. What do you want to do in May? In WA our stay at home order has been extended. Perfect. For writers. I’m thinking of all the writing I can continue, all the things I appreciate about home. And I’m rethinking some of my goals. They seem extravagant. But I feel made for that.

Set an extravagant goal, one you’d be stoked to reach. Then reach for it.

It could be writing in a journal each day, or writing a letter you’ve been meaning to write, or a number of words each day, or just writing something each day.

You know what would make you feel stoked. Decide and Do it.

Unlike NanoWriMo who sets the goal for you, you get to decide what works best for you. Maybe it is 15 minutes a day. Or 10. Or 30.

Or so many minutes, or hours. Maybe it is a story you want to get written, start to finish. Whatever it is, put it out there. Post your goal somewhere. You can even use the comment section. Just find some way to make it real.

I’ll cheer you on. You can cheer me on. I’m writing a novel even though it’s a month I declared devoted to memoir. I just can’t write another memoir right now. and yet, I journal every day.

That’s memoir. That’s figuring things out.

Writing means figuring it out. Keep writing.

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