May is motherhood memoir month

Seurat and Social Distancing

In Seurat’s pointillist painting, La Grande Jatte, notice how everyone is arranged in small groups with some distance between them? I never saw it quite like this before, but living through a pandemic changes your view on just about everything.

Is there a piece of art that represents how life has changed for you since the onset of the pandemic? A painting might inspire a story or poem, or vivid imagery in a poem or story might inspire a painting or sculpture (reverse ekphrasis).

Using art as a starting point, describing what you see until the story or idea behind the objects or scene reveals itself.

That’s ekphrastic writing and it can bring new layers of meaning, along with new ways of seeing, to your work.

Give it a try.

And stay safe this Memorial Day Weekend.

Writing, generally done alone, is a fairly safe activity.

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