May is motherhood memoir month

I Am a Tree

Picture yourself as a tree.

All day I’ve seen myself re-cast as a tree and it has been my best new thought, drawing me toward the sky, a seeker transforming the air we breathe.

I love trees. Last week I posted this quote from John Muir:

I have never seen a discontented tree.

Muir’s words speak to two of my deepest places: a love for trees, and a desire to be satisfied. I’ve pondered contentment much of my life, coaching myself toward it, sometimes thinking I’ve arrived.

But I haven’t entirely whipped it. I know this because I’m often restless. My restlessness takes the form of wanting to consume things I don’t need, or even really enjoy all that much after the initial dopamine hit. Dark chocolate or some other “healthy” treat is usually my consumable of choice. Sometimes wine or beer, but not on a daily basis, and usually not more than one or two servings… Never so much as to be truly unruly, but enough that I pack a few extra pounds. But I know this is just a symptom of something. I look beneath the surface of my restlessness and discontent, seeking to see it for what it is. It certainly isn’t hunger, at least after the initial onslaught.

Today I found a standing meditation: Stand like a tree. Zhan Zhuang- Stand Still be fit-(Jan Jung, and easier than Yoga’s tree pose on one foot). This was after doing a seated meditation on Soul Space, my favorite app. Today’s session included Psalm 1:1-3… she’s like a tree, planted by streams of water…

So what is it like to be a tree? I feel grounded, rooted, strong, and definitely not discontent. I’ve felt this way all day long, picturing myself as a tree.

How about you? Can you see yourself as a tree? Write what that might be like.

Stand strong. Like a tree.

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