May is motherhood memoir month

The Jesus Chicken

The other day our middle daughter came over to celebrate our youngest daughter’s 15th birthday.

Arielle asked what we were having for her birthday dinner.

Chicken Alfredo? I said, knowing it’s her favorite.

Where is the chicken from? Arielle asked.

She’s taking AP Environmental Science in her freshman year at Camas High School. We try to buy mostly free-range, usually organic chickens, but this class has raised the bar on what she finds acceptable. She’s nice about it, but she won’t eat it if she thinks it might not be responsibly sourced and humanely treated. Or if it contains palm oil.

From the kitchen, her father called out some details–it was a heritage chicken, woodland bred, fed a diet of sheep’s milk, soy and hazelnuts, local and organic with at least 4 acres to graze upon with lots of friends…

(Portlandia episode–ordering chicken)

I added that it was a happy chicken.

And then it gave its life for you, I said.

Its the Jesus chicken, Lily added.

Today’s prompt: Do your kids ever say something you know you will all laugh about and retell for years to come, maybe the rest of your life?

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2 years ago

Flawless. Jesus Chicken watches over us all.