May is motherhood memoir month

When Writing Disappears

That happens from time to time, right? You forget to hit save like I did yesterday after starting today’s post…

At least I think I wrote a post. I’ve been writing a lot lately and dreaming, both day and night, so I realize it’s possible I only dreamed I wrote a post. At any rate, it has not reappeared in my drafts folder where I thought, or dreamed, I wrote it.

What I love is how comical this seems to me, when before, maybe last year, it might’ve caused stress or anxiety, like a bee swarm before I knew much about bees.

When I’m writing a lot, I know I can just write some more. When I’m not writing much, every word feels precious, no matter how bad it might be. And when I’m writing a lot the writing seems better somehow, like I’m hitting more of the right notes, getting a melody or harmony going.

I’m not intrinsically musical, but I’ve been reading Balzac, so maybe that’s where the musical notes are coming from.

Reading, writing, walking or running, doing Yoga, eating… and chasing bees from time to time… and loving my little family, that pretty much sums up my days right now. We have our share of tears (we have a 13-year-old after all…), but lots of laughter too. Yesterday, we went from tears to laughter and back around again. It was all good.

And I think I wrote a post yesterday. I remember thinking it was good, good enough anyway. I’m more focused on good enough than perfection these days and it turns out I’m getting lots more done, lots of B- work… Today, laughter and tears, without explanation, ended up in the scene I wrote…

What have you thought you wrote and then couldn’t find?

What would you like to write that you feel might be too difficult?

Write that. Let it be B- work, and enjoy the process of just doing it.

Writer hugs

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