May is motherhood memoir month

A Discontented Tree

Have you ever seen one? I try to imagine what it might look like. Thirsty, parched, in need of water is the best I can do. Maybe a Yucca in Death Valley. Certainly not the trees lining the Columbia Gorge where I live.

We walk under their canopies daily, looking up, breathing in the oxygen-rich air they provide, thankful to be here, sharing life. No sign of discontent anywhere nearby.

“I never saw a discontented tree,” said John Muir. He might’ve been in or around Yosemite where he spent much of his time. He soaked in the satisfaction of the trees, of a simple life breathing fresh outdoor air.

Trees have stories. They connect and communicate through their root systems. Go for a walk today and ask a tree, What sort of story have you for me?

Or write a tree into a scene, along with the word discontented.

Enjoy writing today. And get out among the trees if you can.

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