May is motherhood memoir month

Things We Say

“Get back on the horse,” is something my mother said quite a lot. I fell off quite a few horses…

And “things will look different in the morning.” She was right, they generally do.

“No good thing ever came from alcohol.” Said with a pointing finger as I recall, and a scouring look, eyes tight.

Of course I had to debate that one. “What about when Jesus made water into really good wine for a wedding?”

“That was because the water was no good,” she answered, then changed the subject.

Even though I don’t ride horses much anymore, “get back on the horse” has become an adage to live by, a saying I quote often, usually to remind myself.

What sayings do you carry around in your mental pockets or notebooks?

May is a great time to get them out, write them down, maybe write them into dialogue between your characters, either in memoir or fiction. Or write an essay around one or two.

Feel free to send me your favorites. Or the ones you hated.

Have fun with this.

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