May is motherhood memoir month

Impostor Mom

Do you ever feel like you’re making it up as you go? On a good day, I like to think I’m throwing myself out in front, then seeing if I can catch up. But sometimes I just end up stressed. Maybe I’m throwing myself in too many directions. Things look ok on paper–the to do list–but so many items we do as parents, and just plain people, never actually show up on the list. And then there are all those distractions, like putting away stuff so we can actually get to the stuff that really needs doing.

So when something fun comes up, I often feel as though I should just say No. Get the work done, especially if there is a deadline. And yet… we all need breaks.

So I went to mountain bike camp. For the past 5 years I’ve worked for REI, the outdoor co-op. But, can you keep a secret? I often feel like an impostor around the people I work with. I work in Action Sports, where we sell bikes and kayaks and paddle boards and the racks to carry them on vehicles. I’ve learned a lot, but there is always so much more to know. Sending a part-time employee/mom to bike camp was an investment on both our parts. I had to plan time away from all the responsibilities I usually take care of, and REI had to pay for the camp, transportation and my wages (yes, I got paid to play…I mean learn). More about what mountain biking, feeling like an impostor, and motherhood have in common in a future post…

Do you ever feel like an impostor mom and wish there was a bootcamp for mothering? Think about what you’d like to know and who might be able to help you find your way. Mothering is so unique and each child has such individual needs, it doesn’t seem like something someone else can teach. But here’s the thing I’ve found over my last 36+ plus years of parenting- it’s helpful to have other mothers draw along side you.

That’s what mamomemo and Motherhood Memoir is mostly about- drawing alongside you in your journey, helping you find your way by writing about it. Writing provides a path that helps you go forward. And reading about the journeys others are on provides inspiration and instruction in a very personal way.

Won’t you join me during this month of May when we celebrate Mother’s Day? Leave a short comment- a goal for writing, a question, or a line from something you’ve written recently. Let’s spur each other on to good works.

Do you ever feel like an impostor in this mighty motherhood role? Write about that- then share a line in the comment section.



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