May is motherhood memoir month

From Bees to Rats

The bees of yesterday are still outside the hive we put them in-deciding whether they want to move in, or cleaning out the hive and repainting for the Queen? We don’t know. We watch and wait. Such diversion.

Meanwhile, I write, some. Not a lot. I often think, “This is going to be a writing day- get lots done! I’m not going to do much else…” But then life happens.

Today, our youngest daughter is making inroads toward getting another pet. We have a Maine Coon, but he is not a very affectionate male cat. He mostly tolerates us, and we are amused by him, but Ari is pining for a small pet. She’s been trying to trap a mouse with a friendly trap, to no avail. Being quarantined or sequestered can be lonely for a 13-year-old, so I find my “no more pets” stance softening. I don’t want to be responsible for more animals. And ultimately it is the parent who must buy the food and whatever else a rat might need, even if the money comes out of her allowance.

So this is what I think about, in between other projects, doing Yoga (using the app Down Dog), and going for a run/walk when, like dreams, inspirations appear… Now I have those scenes to write.

How about you, writer? What helps you get your mind back on track to write? I’m putting the bees and rats aside and telling myself I will focus on my story for the next 30 minutes. Then I turn over my hourglass timer and get to work. The bees and rats can wait.

the hour glass doesn’t ding…and only goes for 30 min.

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