May is motherhood memoir month

Ending May: 31 Days of Writing

Today is the last day of May- what a month.

I focused on words, writing a lot of words, a redemptive story.

I got distracted and sometimes felt disheartened, probably a lot like you. But we press on. We realize it is a privilege to be able to press on, to breathe clean air (at least where I live), to write in peace.

I spoke with my middle son today. He’s a reporter for the Seattle Times and was downtown last evening doing his job. He got sprayed with tear gas and said he feels “shaken.” He’s never seen anything like this. Who has? None of us have lived through riots in the face of a pandemic.

Meanwhile, I’m still writing, still believing the story I’m working on matters. Some days it’s difficult to believe, especially when I look around. But art elevates us all out of the mire, dusting off our souls. I want more of that.

So, I’ll keep writing. I hope you’ve been inspired to write in a journal or finish a memoir or story or poem. We need our words to process life and all that it throws at us, and the world needs our words. Words can help heal.

And we need good news. Let’s be about that.

Thanks for reading.

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