May is motherhood memoir month

Where You Begin, Again

Forget the flowers- write about fears, and all else your heart runs from.

May is (Motherhood) Memoir Month- You don’t have to be a mother to have a motherhood story- It’s where YOU begin, or began, or begin again.

I am always and forever beginning again, a firm believer in new beginnings, but also in finishing what I’ve begun. I’m not as good at that. I’m better at starting over.

Right now I’m working on finishing a memoir about my mother- what it means to be a daughter of a manic mind, and how her recent death has changed our relationship.

It’s a complicated, conflicted relationship, and writing about it helps me understand it better, helps me understand me better.

Meanwhile, the writing feels messy. However, I’ve found some tools to help bring order to the chaos. As I write toward my goal of bringing completion to this work during the month of May I’ll share some helpful ways I’m working through my struggles. And prompts to get you going, or keep you writing. have you tried ekphrasis? It’s a lovely Greek word for art that speaks out. Employing ekphrasis can make your writing more vivid, and more enticing. Follow me and I’ll show you how.

You’re invited along on this journey. Will you join me?

Heredity runs in a line
My mother, my daughters, my self

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